Live blogging from the Parent’s Committee meeting!

A first for this school board, I am fairly sure…  and maybe a first in the province?!

There’s a good turnout for the first meeting of the new year…  lots of smiles, and Happy New Year handshakes!

Both the Chair of the Board and the Director General are in attendance.

The DG will be handing out the MELS 13 Paths to Success and a paper on the new partnership agreements to be developed.

19h30 – A comprehensive report on the number of H1N1 vaccinations done through our schools is handed out.  From my own perspective, I think this was a huge success story – I didn’t hear of a single issue with it – and things seem to have gone even more smoothly than I thought possible!

19h40 – The Communication Pamphlet is almost done!  Hoping this becomes the tool that it should be – a helpful guide for new and returning parents.

19h50 – Interesting to hear that variety of opinions on the printing of the pamphlet.  There is a lot of business experience in this room!

“Whom” over “Who” – I like it!  (Inside joke?  🙂  We can forget to use proper English…   I will have to re-read my posts!

The “PPO” – what a name.  I know…  The “Parent’s Participatory Organization” – but it’s the legal name…  but it can be changed at the general assembly at the beginning of the year.

20h35 – The school board calendar.  It all seems good this year!  Last year there was an issue with the holidays being split, but it seems like it’s ok.

20h40 – The Gala!  Next week is coming … next week!  I suspect it will be a great time.  🙂  The board Chair says ticket sales are going well, and that this may be the biggest success yet!

20h42 – DG report.  Partnership agreements.  Wow…   this is a big job.  A lot of measurement.  A lot of data.  A lot of work.  But – done properly, this could be invaluable.

20h50 – Water spill!  Yes, this is live…  🙂  But it’s all cleaned up now.  🙂

Back to the partnership agreements.  The DG is going into great detail – she really is good at explaining the case.

The bottom line is success rates – we need to increase, on a provincial level, the number of students we graduate.  Targeting specific groups and directing specific measures to improve and retain.  Now … specifics?  Back to the “Big Job” comment from a couple of lines back there.

“I care about school…” – the new slogan from MELS.  Now – if we care about education, let’s hope that it’s funded as such from the province.

Website to check out – Les Effets du Decrochage.

By the way – interesting to note that this website was found using Adwords paid advertising.  It’s important that people find it, but I wonder how much Google is making out of this?

21h35 – Treasurer’s report!

21h36 – Parent Commissioners report!  A note on rezoning, and how at our last council meeting, parents expressed their thanks for the process that we followed.  True enough!  My first rezoning meeting as a commissioner and it did go very well!

21h38 – RCP-3L Report!

21h40 – SEAC report!  Rep not here…

21h45 – And we’re done.  Decent meeting.  🙂




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