SWLSB Council votes for 9 elected commissioners

Congrats to our Board!  Even though there was fair debate on the question and even though ideas ranged from, “Ask for the max”, to, “Ask for two more – what is there to lose?!” – reason won the day and there really was no real argument to have 11 over 9 elected commissioners – or of all silly things, 15 of them.

The only reasonable argument could have been the size of the territory for those commissioners up north – heck, even my ward is massive and will be getting bigger.  But the fact of the matter is, the election act says that wards can only be sized plus or minus 25% of the electorate – so even if we were to apply that at its best for up north, those wards would still be massive.  So – what’s the point?

I am looking for a much leaner council next term and I am hoping to see a much tighter work flow.  This is good news for our Board – and I think it shows that we have taken a leadership position in this province.




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