New grade 11 English exam

Yesterday’s Gazette has an interesting article, with some interesting comments found after it online:

I think that the biggest problem here is that the teachers who are actually teaching our kids are only seeing the structure of the exam in December of the school year where they are teaching to it.

Reform has been playing catch-up all the way through, and that’s just bad planning and even worse implementation.  There is no excuse for it.

The theory of evaluating competencies that include reading and writing, but are expanded to include oral skills, presentation skills, communication skills, interpretive skills and so on is probably good.  But Bellamy is right in his comment on the actual evaluation itself – specifically speaking, how is it accomplished?  What if that “gem” of an idea is expressed while he is evaluating another group, and when he arrives to hear the this group he hears the dud comment from that same student?

My final comment is reserved for this 17% of their mark on the powerpoint presentation.  Here, we see just how far off the mark these people really are.  Powerpoint is not a skill!  Powerpoint is a tool.  It is pen and paper.  And evaluating it as anything beyond that is the proof positive that these people are lost.




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