T+L Conference 2009 – Day 4

21st Century Skills: defining, developing, and Assessing — A Leader’s discussion Facilitated by Bernie Trilling, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Bob Pearlman, 21st Century School Development Consultant & formerly New Technology Foundation (AZ), Rowland Baker, Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (CA), Stevan Kalmon, Council

on 21st Century Learning (CO), Student Panel, Welby New Technology High School (CO)

As the first decade of the 21st century comes to a close, it is ap- propriate to stop and assess the current state of affairs for 21st century learning. Join the nation’s leading voices as they share their perspectives on what 21st century leadership looks like, what skills and content areas have been agreed upon, and how those skills can be assessed.

Have a look at:


Bernie Trilling is our speaker and is the man behind this site.

Key question:  Are our students going to really be prepared to go into the workforce of the year 2020?  Let’s think about that one a little bit – imagine the changes we have lived in the work place over the last ten years…  and remember that technology continues to advance at faster and faster speeds.

The simple answer is:  No.  Not if we don’t make some serious changes in what we do and how we do it.

Interesting motto in Singapore:  Teach less; learn more.  What do they mean?

Have a look at the Ministry of Education website here:


and you’ll see exactly what they mean.  It’s hard to argue.

More interesting thoughts tossed out there – what would happen if we put two separate classes together – math and science – have two teachers working with groups of students learning at their own pace.  Interesting – I don’t know how practical, but it’s good to throw ideas out there just so that we can continue to see beyond the factory models we have in our schools today.

the Communications imperative: tools to meet a Community’s growing demand for School information John Raymond, PowerIT, LLC (CT) Parents want to know everything, all the time. This session will demonstrate how several school districts are meeting the growing desire for school information by adopting a variety of cost-saving web-based solutions tailored for a K-12 environment. Participants who attend this session will learn: • Practical ways to make all (or nearly all) communications electronic • How new web-based technologies help districts achieve their communications goals while cutting costs • How engaging 3rd party companies for some technology functions can make in-house technology staff more productive

This was interesting to see just how well some of these parent portals work.  And how much they are embraced by their users.

We need to look at parent portals, where parents can be more engaged and up-to-date with what their children are accomplishing – or not accomplishing.

The General Session

This was awful.  From the moment it started, attendees started walking out.  Within 20 minutes, more than half the audience had left.  Finally, Line and I left too.

Non-informative gobble-de-gook.  Wow – first time I have seen something this bad at a conference.


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