T+L Conference 2009 – Day 2

wH2: the right data at the right time — How to identify which data really Help Schools improve Student Achievement: An executive Summary for decision makers

Jake Schlumpf, Diana Nunnaley, TERC (MA)

As usual, I love these sessions on data – and with the coming of partnership agreements and the need for measurable data, this was a key session for me this year.

Main points are that data needs to actually help you.  It’s all good and well to have data – but if you don’t use it, on a regular basis, then what’s the point?

The only way to monitor our implementation and its impact on student success is to measure and compare results.

What should we be tracking?  Teachers sick leave, maternity, movement from schools – all indicators.  When an employee of any title leaves, do we track that and what do we do with that information?

Absences vs performance – interesting one here – they suggest a 10 point drop in grades for every 10 days absence.  Wow.


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