RHS space

Disclaimer:  My two boys go to Rosemere High School – so my own personal interests tend to sway toward making sure RHS is well taken care of.

It’s been an interesting time looking at the layout and space at RHS, some of it used by ESD and some by Material Resources.  The actual capacity of the school is still not “full” – but, if the school itself could use more of the physical space that is there, we would have a better school for our students.  With increases in arts and gym times, we need the space.  And we have the space – kinda.

It would cost some money and we would need to move some Board services somewhere, but, if we’re really interested in doing our very best, we should find a way.

As usual though, M. Paquette did an extremely thorough job and we’re not all that much further ahead.  That’s not to complain about M. Paquette – if anything, this is one of the best run departments in any school board.  But I’d really like to find a way to get our music department what it needs and what our arts and phys ed departments really need.




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