GB meetings, PC meetings, Council meeting and a conference too!

A busy time in all of our schools.

A highlight for me would be my first GB meeting at PETES this year, and following that their Halloween Monster Ball.

First – the GB meeting was a really good experience for me. I left there with a feeling not only that I had learned something, but that this school is really going in the right direction. I had asked them to add “Commissioner’s Hot Seat” to the agenda – what I hoped would be an open forum to ask questions and to get some insight going both ways. It was even better than I had hoped! Frank, open discussion has given me a lot to work on – and the passion at that table has motivated me to try even more to get answers and real, quantifiable progress made. A great meeting!

The Halloween Monster’s Ball at PETES was one of the best school events I have witnessed to-date. And I’ve been part of some professionally managed events at schools! The number of people involved and the scale of this event were outstanding. Talk about a community school! Very *very* impressive.

I also attended this month’s Parent’s Committee meeting. I was just one of five commissioner attending, and the email from the Chair of PC thanking us for taking this interest was appreciated. As a commissioner, I just sit at the back of these meetings and listen. I listen and learn, but I wondered if the members of PC really saw any value to a guy sitting in the audience. It’s good to know that you do see value, and you can be sure that all of your points and concerns are heard and will work their way through the system.

Our council meeting was quick – the new format is good, in that we are not spending as much time on procedural balderdash, but at the same time, it probably comes off as even more rubber-stamping again – which it kinda is.

I still think standing committee meetings should be open meetings. I stand almost alone in this respect, but I *will* keep saying it. These standing committee meetings are mostly productive sessions where real issues are discussed in depth and resolved. It’s a shame that no one gets to see the real work done.

I attended the NSBA’s T+L conference on behalf of our board at the end of October. It’s my first conference, and I expect that we will be able to tie real value returned to the expense of the trip and conference. My report will be available soon – see for yourself and please let me know what you think!




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