Meetings, Calls, the international space station and a conference too


I’ve been to a couple of Governing Board meetings and it’s been very interesting to meet parents and administrators alike. I even took the chance to get over to Grenville just before the open house last month – and wow! What a great school!

Last week I attended a pretty amazing event at the CLC in Laval – a live video conference with Greg Chamitoff, who is currently a resident of the international space station! Mr. Chamitoff was a student of Crestview Elementary school and it was pretty neat to see current Crestview students in a live video conference with a former student of their school who is actually in space right now. Wow. 🙂

We really do have so many great things going on… and yes, we still have a lot of work to do too.

I received a call from a gentleman in my ward, asking about school taxes and more. It’s great to speak with people about these issues – and yes, I think we’re all overtaxed in our province and in our country. And it’s the right thing to come out and ask what we’re doing with their (our) tax dollars. I’m doing my best to followup his personal concern and every day I am doing my best to help to see that we’re doing our best with every dollar we have

I will be attending a conference in Seattle at the end of the month. The Technology & Learning conference. For those of you who know me, this is pretty much the best possible area for me to contribute to our school board and our children. Having said that, I am still somewhat at odds as to commissioners going to these conferences at all. I guess I will have more to report once I return. Are we going to get full value for this trip? Well, I hope so – it’s going to cost the school board but it’s also costing me personally too – so it had best be very much worth it, and measurably so, all around.


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