Committee meetings start

We had our Educational Services committee meeting last night. We’re trying a new format that I think is really going to help move things forward. Specific focus on “bigger issues” and far less day-to-day micro-management.

We expanded on the theme of our DG’s question to the education minister on CTV last week, with a question: What do we consider a “safe school”. How do we know? How do we measure?

For those of you who may not have seen the CTV interview with Director Generals from several English boards, click here:

Of interest might be the Education Minister’s answer. Or lack thereof.

In last night’s committee meeting, many actual answers were brought to the table. As well as means to recognize success and/or failure, along with concrete means to measure the success or failure of implementation. Real, actual measures; not the rudderless politicking we see from the Minister.


All the crowing about textbooks, again mainly from our Minister, and what do we get in reality? A letter home talking about the fact that our kids cannot actually take these text books home because we don’t have enough for all of the students.

It makes me sick to see politicians feeding us falsehoods.

And when I brought this up at the committee meeting last night, every single commissioner seemed in the same place as me. Thank goodness we have a system where we can get frontline experience and actually work to fix things. A lot of good press on textbooks of late and yes, there has ben some movement. But the picture isn’t as rosy and our Minister would have you believe.




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