June 2008

This past month seems to have passed by very quickly.

Bill 88 was laid out for all to see – it’s very interesting to see the path our education minister is trying to set here.

She is moving toward more participation from parents and communities, but the bigger question in my mind is whether we should have more participation or perhaps more educated participation.

Our Governing Boards have a lot of power right now – they perhaps just don’t know it. We need to work with our Governing Boards to make sure that they understand what their powers are and how they can best use them.

Textbooks – what can I say? PATENTLY RIDICULOUS that we don’t have for our cycle 3 high school students. I was at a parent’s committee meeting and someone likened the reform to someone putting their thesis together; with our kids being the test case. Whoops – they didn’t pass.

Behaviour? Well – I still see, almost daily, some sort of incident of some degree. Why can’t we just make a statement as to what we expect from our students, teachers, parents and administrators? This will be the question, yet again, at our next council meeting.




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