Personal comments on an article in today’s Gazette

When I first saw the ad that our school board was going to run, I thought “Wow! This looks great!”

“Moi? J’apprends in English.” it reads. To me, that sounds like home. Like Quebec. The reality of what we see and hear on the streets.

The fact is, that is how an awful lot of Quebeckers sound. In fact, even while in Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) a couple of weeks ago, I was walking through the beach-bar and heard *exactly* the same talk – half English, half French. I figured these guys were from Quebec and sat down with them for a bit – all of us Montreal Canadiens fans, half English, half French and ALL Québecois and proud of it.

Mme. Malavoy is disconnected with the new Quebec reality. This is not gibberish; this is not disrespectful. The fact of the matter is, “Nous sommes capable de nous exprimer très bien in one or the other language, or even in a mixture of both languages.”

Most speak French. Many speak English. Many again speak French and English. We’re all Québecois.

The Quebec cullture is *not* what the PQ decides to tell us it is.

The Quebec culture is what it is. A whole lot of French, some English and a whole lot of others in there that all together make our Quebec one of the greatest places in the world to live.




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