Communications and Public Relations!

Communications and Public Relations! A busy meeting. Though there are things that I can find redundant, overall, I can’t but wonder how things could be accomplished if there was no school board.

I’m a card carrying Adéquiste – but I think we need some more thought on the ADQ position on school boards. The idea of child-centered budgeting and so on is good – but, like it or not, you still need people to put real thought and real administration into the day-to-day running of a school.

Our principals are overdone already – I don’t see how we could possibly add more to their plates. I wonder if any of the powers-that-be in our ADQ have ever been involved at the school board level?


– certainly got off topic of the CPRC meeting. Guess it’s from reading one of our local French papers, and a story on François Desrochers.


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