Info Tech, caucus and material resources

March 10th-13th, 2008

Back from March break and so many things are going on!

This week we had the IT committee on Monday, a caucus meeting on Tuesday and Material Resources on Wednesday. A meeting at RHS today and an attempted visit to one of our schools too – we really need that Google Map of our schools… 🙂

The IT committee is a very positive committee. The frustration for me in some of this is the overlap – really, IT exists to provide and maintain the infrastructure, but not at all to set the tone for how technology is used in the classroom.

Having said that, some of it *has* to come from IT – at least, the “marketing” to the teachers and admin of what we can accomplish with what we have.

At the end of the IT meeting, the Directors of IT and ESD had already spoken about having a combined IT/Educational Services meeting next month. There is no lack of effort on this one, and that’s good to see.


Material Resources had its regular items, but after last weekends snow, this was the big issue. Do you know how much it costs to remove snow from the roofs of all our schools? A fortune! But, I was really happy to see that in relation to the safety and security of the schools, the words “money cannot be an issue” were promoted and accepted time and time again.

Of note as well is the fact that this board is taking a proactive approach in terms of preventative maintenance – expensive in the short term, but probably anoverall savings in the long term and without a doubt, the right choice to make.


I continue to worry – even as I write this mostly positive note – that our public image presents too rosy a picture. Problems? Discussed in private. And obviously in many cases it should be – but at the same time, problems, mistakes, failures – this is where education comes from. Everybody makes mistakes and some decisions have been and will be incorrect in the inevitable hindsight.

This type of debate happens in closed standing committee meetings. I think more of it should at least be reported on in council meetings, instead of having a litany of “We had a great meeting!” public reports. The debate and questions are there; it’s just that nobody else sees or hears it.




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