School organization meeting

Tonight’s meeting looked at many things. The deeds of establishment, with enrollment and 3 year projections too – interesting demographical change, and quite a challenge for the Government and our school organization department to project our anglophone population.

“Functional Capacity” of a school. I’m looking to know more of how we define this. My experience at McCaig Elementary was that the school has been slightly over its “functional capacity” – but – in my time there, we never did manage to get the Government recommended weekly gymnasium time for our children – part of the answer to this is a six day cycle and holding gym classes in our cafeteria. Does this really qualify as “functional”?

Next – growth by advertising. Yes, we need to make sure our schools survive. Obviously.

But I believe that the primary focus has to be that by offering a fantastic education, by offering smaller class sizes with excellent teachers and an environment that is a cut above the rest., that our growth will be greater and our long term survival will be assured.

We need to address the present. We need to think in terms of the present. We need a sense of urgency that drives us to deliver smaller classes and the best in class of teachers. Appropriate technology developing the skills our children need. Today.

Plan for the long term. But develop and implement strategies *today* that have our schools be Best In Class right now. As much as we need to be there tomorrow, we need to be offering the very best to our existing clientele *today*.

Did I write “today” enough times? 🙂




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