The QESBA conference. Quebec English School Board’s Association.

First off, congratulations to our own Carolyn Curiale for winning the seat of Vice-President of the association. In a candidates debate, Carolyn spoke well and offered the most to the association – and she won. Well deserved.

This was interesting for me – my first school board conference. This also serves as the QESBA’s annual general assembly.

I am surprised. I gleaned the greatest value from the periphery of the conference. Talking with the chairman and our own commissioners in a new venue. Having dinner with commissioners from the Eastern Townships, and hearing about the way their schools and school board works. Time again, networking, after the candidates debate.

Breakfast the next morning with our group of representatives, and spending time with our Director General and our Assistant Director General. And finally, a very short but extremely useful 5 minute exercise where individual tables were to pick out 3 challenges and 3 solutions our board currently faces.

Smart, fast, collaborative consensus poked at and concluded in 5 minutes with several commissioners and our two top administrators at the table. Wow! That was perhaps the most satisfying part of the conference for me.

The conference concluded for me with a presentation for new commissioners. Very well put together, this presentation is something that could have been good for new commissioners on day two of our mandate. 🙂


-nb- I got my first pay cheque! For those of you who question how much a commissioner gets paid; it is public information. What may not be though is the hourly rate it can work out to – so far, I am working at a little over $1.15 an hour. It’s a good thing I love the job. 🙂


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