Council, procedures and impressions

The Council Meeting. The public forum. The public face of the council of commissioners.

This is all I ever saw before. And it is mostly a procedural meeting. There tends to be some small debate, but nothing of any fantastic substance. Being the public face, this is unfortunate – because there really *is* a lot of substance that goes into each of those resolutions being “rubber stamped”.

Before something gets to council it has to go through many steps – many stages. So, by the time it arrives there, it’s most often just a resolution. A resolution that has seen many people’s input, some real debate and sometimes some heated debate too. Some commissioners who may not be on whatever standing committee may ask a question or two, but there is no public face to any real debate.

It’s unfortunate, because it gives the wrong impression. I don’t see how this meeting can be done any better though – there are legal necessities and this is the forum for those to be accomplished.

Once again, I think it is going to boil down to communications – showing people what really goes on behind the scenes so that there is a deeper understanding.

A highlite of the meeting was the introduction of 3 secondary students from within the board who had each achieved 100% in a multiple of subjects – each one getting 100% in more than 1 or 2 courses! Three very different styles of kid too – smart and hard-working being their common ground. It’s great to see.




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