CPRC, promotional material, the website and more

CPRC meeting! It’s one of the most interesting committees for me.

The strategic plan has to be promoted or it’s not going to be successful. The design, look and feel of the promotional material is fantastic. The distribution means seems good. I wish I had been more involved in the development of the strategic plan itself. Next time. 🙂 And until then, the new plan has the capacity to effective; we have to make sure we have real evaluation and measures all the way through.

The development of our new website continues to be a thorn for me, though I don’t know how much of a positive effect I can have at this late stage of development. I am concerned.

A very interesting snippet from this meeting – the Director brought to the table a couple of legal judgments that were “school relevant”, though having nothing to do with our schools or school board themselves. It is very interesting to hear these judgments from our courts; they could easily impact future decision making processes.




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