Educational services and core values

Once again, a very interesting meeting!

The Director of Educational services is extremely impressive. There is a huge scope to this department and it’s one that I didn’t know very much about.

I hadn’t realized that the school board had indeed been working on getting individual schools to submit their behavior plans… I found it on the strategic plan 2004-2007 – then found last night that they were still having trouble getting schools to submit them. In fact, as at last night’s meeting, 6 elementary schools (23%) and 6 high schools (60%) had not submitted anything.

My take on this is that we’re using the wrong approach. We need a central “core value” statement from the board itself, then we can ask individual schools what has worked best for them. Within just a couple of weeks, we can get a picture of what is working in our schools. This can be done through a variety of online forums, etc.

I believe we should use the experience of others when we can. Let’s look at what the Ontario Government has done – click here – and instead of reinventing the wheel, let’s maybe massage something like this into our own, Quebecois version.

(Yes, I say: Quebecois – it’s our province and we love it too, and I am proud to be an English Quebecois. 🙂

If we do this, we can make a value statement virtually immediately and provide a template that individual schools can then apply to their own unique situations.

If we share our successes and openly discuss our failures, we can build something that will really work.

Thing is – we need to work hard, smart and fast – we owe it to our students, staff and parents to get this done now.




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