Our first Council Meeting of this new mandate!

Our first Council Meeting!

And I can see why people wonder about these things. A lot of procedural stuff, and really, not much discussion at all. It almost seems like discussion is not the goal at these meetings.

Oddly, having been made aware of the process resolutions must follow, I am no longer under the impression that nothing is vetted. If anything, it may be that things are discussed too much on the way here. But that discussion happens at the committee level. I have yet to take part in a committee meeting, so I really have nothing more to add to this right now.

We had a presentation on a conference attended by some commissioners and staff at the end of the last school year on bullying and violence in schools. Poignant and extraordinarily well done – I hope that the absolute focus I am trying to bring to this will result in more immediate action. The fact that this was presented at our first council meeting is indicates that we’re on the right track and its inclusion in this first meeting is very much appreciated.

I am a little concerned that the call for a sub-committee was pushed into a standing committee that isn’t going to sit until January. At this stage, I still believe that a single resolution from the Council itself can serve as the impetus to drive whatever standing committee or sub-committee we need to actually accomplish the meat of it. All we really need to do is to set the stage – and that, to my mind, doesn’t require anything more than the 19 commissioners we have sitting at council.

Finally, it also seems to me that Walter Fogel’s proposal for a standing committee on emergency preparedness was pushed aside more out of predisposition than much else. Perhaps this is something that comes up regularly – regardless, it seemed to me worthy of more than what appeared to be a block vote against.

Overall? I am still very much more impressed than not. The real action seems to come from standing committees. These are beginning… so we shall see how it goes!




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