The new guy on the block…

I am the new guy on the block. I have my beliefs and I know what I want to accomplish. Having said that, I am but one commissioner in a Council of nineteen; fourteen of whom ran on a single ticket.

I have been welcomed by commissioners and administration alike, and I still believe, maybe even moreso, that we will be able to accomplish big things over the next four years.

Step one for me is to learn. To listen. To understand. Yes, there have already been things that I have begun to address. Things that I don’t think can wait, or perhaps better put, where there is no reason to wait.

Your visits to my website have grown to an average of several hundred per day, and my newsletter now has just over a couple of thousand subscribers. If we keep spreading the word, forwarding newsletters and talking to friends and family about these initiatives, our goals will be accomplished. Your efforts matter; they mattered during the election and they may matter even more now. Pass this on! And let’s get the entire school board’s electorate involved!

With your help, we will achieve more.




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